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Default Re: What did you do yesterday...

Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
A neighbor walks by and says, "You're really lucky you can fix things like that." I think I felt luckier when I was a few years younger.

Yea lucky I can do it and usually cut up my hands in the process. Not to mention the grease and oil that will stick to me or depending how sore I will be from luckily having to crawl under something that could squash me like a bug.

Yep Lucky!!!

Oh I really hate having to crawl under a car. Doesn't matter if it has jack stands or in on a lift. Being under a car isn't fun for me.
Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Responding to that email does not magically take your response, sign into the forum for you and miraculously place your message into the recipients PM inbox. Nor does it magically place your response into a thread you have subscribed to on the Cutting Board, etc.
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