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Default Re: pinto motor in my bus??

Originally Posted by trikertroy View Post
I stuck a Pinto in my 60 baja.. It worked very well... I just bolted to the trans with a KEP kit.. No rear engine mount, but I braced the heck out of the tranny horns.
The car was a big tin can with NO insulation and cut out firewall. When the engine hit a certain RPM it would send a bone shaking vibration thruout the car... Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... The 4cyl inline and solid mounts may not be a really good idea.
I was going to make some urethane bushing mounts for it. and something else I forgot all about was I could actually have a working heater and defrost if I did this We just had a snow storm here the other day and getting home was an adventure...... stopped traffic and snow just building up under and to the side of the wipers.... lol.... it was fun
poor bastards c.c.
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