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Default Re: Texas VW Classic

""I told her to go grab one from a vendor, and she'd be fixed before she left that day.

Took me two hours to chase tools, get that damned bolt out of the back of the doghouse that goes into the oil cooler... swap out the genny, and get her back together.""

That was you?! The lady came to me to
get an announcement out about you. She
was so happy and wanted everyone in the
show know about how generous you were.

You made her weekend. She could not
remember your name and we were hoping
to stand you up and thank you for her.
Sorry we missed out.

As far as the VR shirts go, I was wearing
one on Saturday and saw no others.

BTW, I was the one handing out the
trophies as Jumpin' Joe called out the winners.
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