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Default Re: Texas VW Classic

Hey Eric we saw ya during the cruise line up in the big parking lot right before we left for the show. You looked real busy so we did not stop ya. I was in the really dark metallic dune buggy parked right beside ya. Hey do you have the winners by class? Just curiuos as we had to haul ass to get back so the kids could get some rest. Yea we helped out on some side of the road repairs on a Sat morning cruise. First had front brake drum and newly assembled car came apart, quickly fixed that, then the rear disc locked up, the pedal push rod was assembled to tightly, so with limited tools on the side of the road we pulled it and after almost rounding it off due to all the new paint build up, she broke loose, adjusted it and away we went. Clutch cable broke.One pertonix died. Swap over to points and away they went so all in all we had a great time. Lucky us we did not break.

Oh and we liked the legs!
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