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Originally Posted by fungus View Post
Might want to see a doctor about that!
Hell I see my 2 doctors every 3 months, my primary doctor, and my Nefrologist (kidney & hypertension specialist)

Anyhow my primary doctor likes me because I'm an interesting patient, lots of issues to deal with, a perfect patient to learn about kidney failure as well as organ transplantation,
He just took over for my doctor I had for his entire 25 year career as a doctor (he had to retire because of a medical condition in late 2008), and his replacement is a really good doctor, he has a sense of humor, we don't always talk about my health troubles, we tells stories, jokes, or talk about anything
My last visit with him in October he asked me what all I do to keep busy and pass time, so I wrote down the link to my web site, my wife had to see him a month ago and the first thing he said was "How cool the work you do is", and spoke to me for the 1st 5 minutes of my wife's appointment, she wasn't happy about it

I see him again this February the 9th, I'm a hafta tell him I think I have something stuck in my cog tooth, just to see his facial expressionI'm sure he'll either start laughing, or really think somethings wrong.
Then it's open your mouth and say AHHHH and remember that I have no teeth, just dentures that I don't like very well, I only wear my uppers, I hope he doesn't think dentures have some sort of cog tooth that's bothering me

To shed some light on my earlier post about the engineers (not all but some) who have never even used a drill to drill a hole, or never used a finger nail file to get that rough split smoothed out from smashing your finger some how, and couldn't to save his own life, well we would get these prints in for a job, and a certain few (their name was on the bottom of the print so after a few prints from him you had to go over it and find his mistakes), they would have a large weldment (a beam extender can be called a weldment, it's made up of several pieces welded together) most had lots of holes drilled and tapped every where, some of them were in a position that you couldn't even use a hand drill with a right angle fitted on it because there was another bracket, pieces of tubing in the way, but yet the tapped holes needed to be within about 0.005 of an inch to each other, well it's impossible unless you drilled & tapped the holes before it was welded onto the rest of the part, then to drill and tap a 3/8 - 16 TPI (threads per inch) thru a plate that is only 3/8 inch thick, but they wanted you to tear the part down, reset it up to drill a few tapped holes which would have much faster to do in the 1st setup, so we all joked around about shit like that, thinking there is no way in hell I can drill, bore, or just mill a surface to within tolerance of plus or minus 0.005 of an inch
You start thinking "did this guy buy the how to be an engineer for dummies book" and never finished it, then got a degree in manufacturing/engineering, it was always the young guys too, and after consulting with them about making parts he designed that bolted together, but the hole pattern was off by an inch here, half inch there, hell I know most of us schooled the new engineers about what can and can't be done, some did listen and learn, it was the idiots that thought they were much better than a machinist who has no college degree of any kind

That's how we came up with the term H.U.B.S = Head Up the Butt Syndrom, and while I'm talking about H.U.B.S., yes a few days ago I was suffering from a terrible case of the H.U.B.S., but I'm over that as of Monday

Once again I'm sorry about my typativness (since I'm not talking it can't be talkative)

OK back to the original topic, hood ornaments

Thanks for reading, that is if'n ya read it all

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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