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Alright, here's the scoop and a chance for you all to put your money where your mouth is.....

I went down to the foundry this afternoon and picked up the first prototype casting! The parts look great. Fred did a fantastic job. Here are some pictures....

I included the ruler in a couple of these so you can get a feel for the actual size.

Couple of close-ups of the gear teeth and the lettering....

The base is a separate piece to allow you to adjust the mounting angle. Here are a few shots showing different ways to configure the pieces depending on where you mount it.

This first set is actually cast from zinc and weights almost a pound and a half! The production pieces will be aluminum and come in at about 1/2 a pound.

So here is the deal....

I am going to do an initial run of 25 pieces in the next few weeks. If these sell out, I will do an additional run of 25 but that is it. This will be a limited production run of no more than 50 sets.

You will get a set of raw castings. I will clean-up the sprue marks and most of the flashing. I will make sure the pieces mate together properly and I will machine a through-hole in the base casting that can be used to bolt the two pieces together.

That's it. You will be responsible for determining the angle you want to mount it at, drilling and tapping the winged piece for a bolt to assemble them, and drilling and tapping or otherwise figuring out how to mount it to your car. (I will post some instructions on how I would do it for my own car to help guide you) You will be responsible for polishing it, or having plated or however also you want to finish the pieces.

The COST is $85.00 each.

Priority Mail shipping within the continental US included. If you are outside the continental US, please let me know and we will figure out the actual shipping cost and a new total.

It also includes a $20.00 per set donation to
. If we can manage to sell all 50 sets, that is $1000 to help Steve keep this place going! (and just shut-up Steve and accept this....I am going to send you $20 from each of these, whether you like it or not!)

So for the low,low price of $85 you not only get an ultra exclusive 1 of 50 hood ornament/dash topper/paper weight/whatever,you also get to support this awesome home of ours on the internet!

So you can send me PayPal at

or a check or money order to:

22059 Olmstead
Dearborn, MI 48124

If you are snail mailing me a check or money order, please e-mail me at and let me know so I can put you down for one.

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