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Default Re: rattle can spray job

A fellow that lived next to me a few years ago, always painted his own cars.
He decided on the color for the next 6 months, bought the material and got started.
Paint, gasoline, small paint brush, and a new roller. His paint jobs usually looked good, for about 4 or 5 months. By then the paint had gone totally flat, with zero shine. Sometimes he used Comet and water wash, to bring back a little shine. He said that was cheaper and easier, than rubbing compound.
The gas made the paint flow real even, and was cheaper than thinner.
I think he had painted it 8 or 10 different colors, while he lived there.
He ALWAYS went to the local paint store, and bought mis- matched paint. Back then it was selling for $10.00 a gal.

There was never a dull moment, with him around! LOLOLOL
He was always trying to find a cheaper, easier way of doing things.
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