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Default Re: Lower the back of your bug

I'd like to see those pics.... putting any type of "V" at the end of a torsion bar would have zero effect on the position of the wheel..... all it would do is twist the shit out of your spring plate. And 5"'s wide?!?!

Also, what you are looking to fix when lowering is Camber not Toe (I'm assuming thats what you were referring to here:)

Originally Posted by porterville View Post
about 5 inches wide and its in the shape of a V, where the tow parts of the plate come together
And the above makes no sense anyway..... There is nothing at the end of your torsion bar designed for towing... If you meant Toe, Theres nothing at the end of your torsion bar for that either

Pics Please! Your explaination has me going

Just flip your god damn trailing arms
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