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Default Re: Up Yours!

It's that time of year again! I just got a notice that my subscription was expiring..

Here's the deal (in my opinion, I don't represent the site, or Steve or anyone else..)

What do you get for sending $25 to Volksrods? a little thing by your forum name that says you did. That's it, nothing else (that I know of). You're not gonna get a certificate, or a plaque or even a kudos probably.

So why do it you ask?

Steve has paid out of pocket to keep this place alive. It is not hosted on a computer at his house, he pays for space on a server. That shit ain't cheap.

But the site is kinda dying, you say. Yeah, that's kinda true. but that's OUR fault. I'm more guilty than most for lurking and never posting, but I still like coming here daily and checking for other's posts, and I want to see this place keep living, even if it is on life support.

Money is tight for everyone, i get that. If you can't contribute, don't feel bad, just keep coming here and posting and shooting the shit with us. but if you are in a financial situation where you can spare $25 a year, please do! let's help out the boss man a bit!

$25/year is a little over $2/month.. so you do one less burn out a month, use the money you just saved on gas, and support Volksrods! :P

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