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Originally posted by busguy71@Apr 15 2005, 06:04 PM
so today I decided to go into the woods and "aquire" a free roof off an abandoned beetle. I was sawing it with my buddy when I busted my knuckle and it started gushing blood. He gave me a used tissue and it quickly bled through that. I got back to my car and tied a used sock on it til I got home. Then I put a bandaid and some tape on it, but it bled through that cause it kept bending. Then I figured I'd put a splint on it so it wouldnt bend, but I didnt have any popsicle sticks, so I had to eat a popsicle. That gave me nasty brain freeze. I finally taped it up with the popsicle stick, but the wood was sticking way out past my finger. So I took the same saw I was using when I busted my knuckle and sawed off the popsicle stick on my finger. Then I ground the stick, on my finger, on the grinding wheel. Thank god for boy scouts training [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/imwithstupid.gif[/img]
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