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So from the calendar and from looking at my posts I started working on the Autostick some 60 days ago on February 18th. Last night I continued sorting out the wiring issues. I got the wiring mostly sorted out.

Last night (Monday) I drove an autostick for the first time in my life. It is actually kind of fun to drive and still has some bugs to work out. After the road test Alex got to drive it back into the barn.

I successfully converted it from generator to alternator. Oil pressure sender and gas gauge works. All lights appear to work.

Horn doesn't work.

I have to pull the pulley... rubbing on the tin ware.

Doesn't seem to have any pep but I didn't want to push it.

Brake pedal leans over the wrong way.

I have to decipher the tranny interlock switch... it is bypassed.

I have to complete the floor board repairs.

I have to set up the heater boxes and hoses.

I have to install the rest of the tin on the bottom of the motor.

Alex has started sanding the body. Think she is jumping the gun but let her go for it.
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