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Default Battle for the (left) Coast
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Okay guys,

Here's the deal:

October 18th, eight flat-track roller derby leagues from Washington and California will converge on Seaside Park in Ventura, CA for a day-long roller derby tournament, car/bike show and a bunch of rockin' bands. Entry at the gate is $20 (plus $5 to park) BUT

Pre-registration for the car show gets you, your car and a buddy/honey (but you don't wanna take sand to the beach, do ya'?) in for ONLY TWENTY SMACKEROOS!

They're also still looking for vendors - pinstripers, artists, clothing companies, skate shops, etc. and a booth space only costs $40! It comes with two entry passes, so you can come and sell for the same price as all the schmoes coming in to BUY STUFF FROM YOU!

Cool Cars. Rockin Tunes. Chicks in short skirts and fishnets beating the fuck out of each other for your enjoyment. Beer. Food.

Join the fun.

For more info, or to register either check out:

or send an email to Vi Suvius at

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