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Default Re: How is everyone doing ?

I stop by everyday.

I'm not working even though I could be. But with boss's kids home, it saves her $ , they can do the work instead. Hubby and I are doing fine. Kinda sucks as we had made plans for my next 4 paychecks, garden equipment, no biggie though.

Hubby is still working, rv biz is considered essential since so many people actually live in them permanently. 3 people have been laid off though. Hubby was last hired but he can do and has been, the jobs of 3. Parts & service writer, maintenance, and working on the units. Rvs are kept locked unless they need to be shown, and cleaning is done right after they walk out, no one complains, people are good to keep hands off, walk in, look, walk out, no touchy.

We've been doing alot of work on our property. I'm doing more gardening, garden was ok last year. Relax time is photography, astro and yard wildlife, woodworking again, feeding and watching ALOT of birds! and we're gonna learn some home baking. I live in utube instead of tv. Dug out my mom's baking pans the other day and he bought bread flour last trip to local grocery. Shopping has been light, mainly because we have 5 deer in the freezer if things went on total lock down. Just been keeping the basics and a variety of meats stocked. I was kinda freaked out the first week of our county state of emer, stress over this and my mom and all that goes with funerals~ plus we lost our fat furball cat Munchkin 3/21, she was close to 18yo.

My mom passed away on the 4th during a hosp stay, complications of many things, stemming from diabetes. Had she not let them do a biopsy of her lung spot, she might still be here. So I'm thankful she's not having to endure everything she was going thru any more, that was only getting worse, then this virus came, and her assisted living center went on complete lock down 1 week later. I would have been in bad shape had she gone in to hosp and passed and I nor rest of family could not have been with her. I'm still coming to terms of having Saturdays back to myself after almost 5 yrs taking her to dialysis every weekend. :( We didn't get along too well, but she was my mom. I was the second, yet last person to start clearing her room. So when lock down is lifted, that still needs to be finished but by my Brothers.

Hubby has been working on trike, again. Carb system tanked, again. His courier and the 62f100 are down. The buick, mom's transport is his driver now. The big Horse runs fine, was my daily for 3 weeks since our driveway turned into a 200ft long mud pit. put new tires on last Fall and good thing, mud got deep, and I'm finally comfortable using 4wd, lol!. Dragon is my runner, if I need to. I haven't left this yard but once since the 11th, on the 18th. Hubby does pick up on the way home if we need anything. So I'm doing my part to stay home. It's actually kinda normal for me, but I do miss my boss lady. Lots to do here. Trying to go more self sufficient, at least in the garden dept. Discussing livestock options though. All in all, we're ok.

Stay safe, stay ------ distant, stay well y'all~
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My attraction to volksrods is that these are bottom-feeders where things are still real ... people scraping together parts, doing their own work and often on a tight budget. Real hot rodding is still alive here.
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