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Hey Hey, Cafe bikes! I always wanted one of the XLCR Sportsters, but they were too expen$ive and could have used a few improvements. I built my own version using an inexpensive `83 XLX
(2k in 1986). The entire front end is from a KZ-1000 cop bike. Rear wheel also. Brakes are all Kawi. Fairing is BMW R-90S, w/8" Yamaha headlight...removable saddle with tool tray is from BSA A65L. Aircleaner is modified HD (the air scoop is actually made us from the sheetmetal from and old split window roof !) Rearsets are hand built. Exhaust is a copy of the XLCR welded up from a bunch of parts store bends, with Supertrapps. At 30,000 miles the engine was worn out. It's all S&S inside and balanced within an inch of its life. A friend did the machine work and I did the assembly. There's a bunch of other mods and I still run the bike around. I've had it for nearly 22 years and over sixty thousand miles. Currently, in my 'spare time,' I'm building a new fuel tank
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