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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

Originally Posted by max16v View Post
V8, couldn't agree more with the advice!

I'll try to keep this short:

Go over EVERY nut and bolt and make sure everything is torqued. Should take only 10-15 minutes for a solid peace of mind.

Tires: never cheap out on tires. Ever. Get the good stuff, it's worth the price. I have Avon Roadriders on mine. The front wears very slow and has awesome grip. The rear tire is almost bald only after a a couple thousand miles. Eh. I'll probably go with a metzler for a replacement. I suggest always having a spare tube in the garage along with rim strips (or duct tape... really! works great).

2nd Vote for roller steering head bearings. Nuff said. Kits are available.

Thanks man! I'm stoked to have it.

That was a couple of the conditions I set myself for having a bike; don't skimp on helmet, tires or brakes.

I'll make sure to keep plenty of spare stuff lying around.
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