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Default Re: '37 Volkster Coupe

Originally Posted by markh View Post
Ok...where do I get these air line parts? In order to move things around, I needed to remove a few lines from the switches to the tank. Couldn't figure out how to pull them apart, so I cut them. They are 1/4" air lines. The air lines say they are 1/4" O.D. air brake lines. The little brass pieces looked crimped.

No idea how the T-fittings fit together so I guess I'm going to need at least 3 more of them and about a half dozen or so of the brass crimpy thingys. I suppose those will require a special crimping tool?

Will any auto parts store carry these things?
If you have a truck parts store (as in semi) those are as common as fleas on a dogs ass and alot cheaper than going through the air ride or bagger guys.
If you push the collar toward the fitting and pull out on the line it SHOULD pop right out.
A- you need to relieve all the pressure or it wont release
B- somtimes you have to twist the line in the fitting to loosen it first, kind of like trying to unscrew it then push the collar in and pull.
C- if it's leaking around a quick connect pop the line out trim a 1/2 inch off with a razor and stick it right back in, it will fix it 90% of the time.

Also the two pieces in the top of the pic were over tightened you can see where the ferrull dug into the line, they need to be tight but don't killem it will just make you have to redo it.
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