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Default Re: '37 Volkster Coupe

The compression nuts and ferrules that are in the corner of the picture don't have anything to do with the tee. The tee is just as everybody has already said, a quick connect DOT approved air line fitting. You will find similar fittings at Home Depot and Lowes but DO NOT USE THEM ON YOUR AIR LINES!!! They will be made of plastic and by either Watts or John Guest and are for water only. They work the same way as the metal tee but shouldn't be used the same. If you go with compression fittings then don't do them like the pieces in the picture. Brass ferrules are for metalic tubing and nylon ferrules are for plastic tubing. If running plastic tubing with compression joints, you should also use a brass insert to stiffen the tubing where the ferrule will be compressing.

i'm really scared but i'm even more confused, so i end up doing nothing.

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