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Default Re: Lower the back of your bug

Those do nothing for correcting camber, Which is what porterville was claiming, which is also why I was confused... Not only that, he has an IRS

Originally Posted by porterville View Post
not correct, i have seen this plate that goes on the end of your torsion bars that are V shaped and they correct the camber when you lower the back. i am looking for these plates so i can lower the back of my 71 super withouth going through tires like crazy. when i find them i will post a link.
Originally Posted by porterville View Post
i just didnt explain myself correctly, the plate that im talking about bolts on the end of the torsion bar, it is about 5 inches wide and its in the shape of a V, where the tow parts of the plate come together is at the bottom, this will make the top further out than the bottom, pushing the top of the wheel out. its hard to explain ill just have to find the product and post a pic/link.

Also they bolt to the axle tubes not torsion bars.... The guys first 2 posts and they are both non-sense. porterville, Please know what your talking about before you post

Thanks jsmith for sheding some light on the situation
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