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Default Re: "Genuine" Volksrod Shift Knobs

John, you do awesome work

I cast aluminum & have done a few brass castings, I have also cast iron once just to see if was able to achieve those kinds of temperatures, I just haven't cast anything useful out of iron yet, but I hope to change that in the future

Now I have a question, what process do you use to make the plastic for the shift knobs??

One day I'd like to expand my abilities when it comes to plastic molding, I have machines several plastic molds over the 20 years I worked in a machine shop, I still have the tapered end mills used to cut the plastic molds, so if you could point me to a website that explains how to do it, I'd greatly appreciate it

When I 1st started melting aluminum, I read a few things on the internet, then got out an old vacuum cleaner & made it a blower, poked a hole in the bottom of a large can for the blower, filled it with charcoal (the kind for grilling food) then added a bunch of Mt Dew cans & I was surprised as to how easy it was, then I built my own propane burner out of iron pipe fittings & switched to propane, then built a small forge & took up the art of a blacksmith

Then back in 2007 I tried to convert to a waste oil burner mixed with kerosene, I had troubles, but did get mt hands on an old home heating oil burner that works, I just need to make it fit the larger forge I built a few years back, I hope to get it up & running once I get all the fire hazards out of my garage/workshop, I have boxes of stuff from when my mom & grandma moved to their new houses they had built a half mile apart so my mom was closer to her mother in case of an emergency, all the boxes are piled up on my foundry & blacksmith side of the shop, well its getting cleaned out before September even if I hafta throw everything away, my grandma lived in her house from 1962 until 2007, she & my grandpa who passed away in 98 kept everything, as well as the original boxes everything came in, my mom just kept everything that was mine, I have slowly been going threw the boxes of my stuff tossing most of it out, so I hope to get everything going before winter sets in

Anything you can help me with when it comes to plastic would help me out, so if you can point me into the right direction I'd appreciate it

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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