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Default OT 2001 Cabrio help
Re:: it's not mine I swear   

So my daughter picked up a 2001 cabrio 2.0 auto with 110K on it overall it's in OK shape but shortly after getting it she started throwing codes. P 341 cam position sensor and P 740 torque converter error. I cleared them and in a day or two they came back first the 341 then after a highway drive the 740. I ordered a timing belt kit and thought that might be the issue with the p341 code. I do not have any history with this car... she just showed up with it.

In the pics does the timing belt look old? I can barely turn the belt 90deg and do not see any cracks. I'm thinking it was changed at least once???? thoughts? Can you tell from the pics if I have the newer or older style belt tensioner?? I think its the older stye?? And I'm thinking I'm going to have to return the belt I ordered. If it's not the belt sending the 341 code? what next?

As far as the 740 code could the 341 code be causing the tranny code? I've read a pile of posts on vortex and I think I'm more lost now than before...I can't even check the tranny fluid...

I'd appreciate any help, I'm new to late model VW's I only have an actron scanner and a very broke daughter..


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