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Default Re: OT 2001 Cabrio help

I would replace the timing belt. Its an interference engine, and if I remember correctly they say replace it every 100k. That engine mount is a pita. Belt is pretty easy to replace other then that. I have a 2000 2.0 golf. I hate that car. I cant help you with the engine codes, but I can recommend you sell that car before it cost an arm and a leg. Mine is riddled with electrical grimlens. Started burning oil for no good reason at about 100k and the transmission has (lifetime) fluid in it. (assuming its an auto) That stuff is like 25 bucks a quart and is a pita to replace. The trannys are bad for going out due to that fact. But my golf has never left me sitting anywhere. Trans shifts like shit and lights come and go, keep oil in the hatch just incase. If there is one thing I would do over again, it would be never buying that car. Just my .02 worth.
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