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Super hasn't moved, yet. After finding out the info on the oils, he's been changing that around this week. Had a guy yesterday with an old camaro looking for the red can stp, he just lost his cam due to the wrong oil!
He changed oil in the dragon thursday, it ran much cooler, last night he said he pushed it doing 80, about 4200rpm (if I remember right) and it never went over 180*, outside air was 90's and very humid. But still have an oil leak, new fuel pump coming~
Bay gets changed this weekend. DON"t want to lose that engine!

Last week he opened the engine up for the super, all rods are spun and squished out the sides, so he has new bearings. This weekend it'll get redone again.

Yesterday the guy who was sorta interested in the super asked again, if it was ready, he said 'I got cash when ever youre ready" welll, plans have changed~ hubby said he's not selling it now. It's gonna get an engine, somehow , then he's gonna drive it in the ground! Seems this super just doesn't want to leave, so the ideas are swirling around it, and all this talk lately of cutting up supers only adds fuel .

So we'll see what happens now.

All for now~
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My attraction to volksrods is that these are bottom-feeders where things are still real ... people scraping together parts, doing their own work and often on a tight budget. Real hot rodding is still alive here.
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