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since last update, he's back in town, but almost all the super $ got wasted in gas for almost 6weeks. Then hunting season, wasn't as good this time as previuos seasons, but he tried. And of course, weather is always an issue with an open cave.

Dragon had busted bearing, when I say there's a noise, there's a noise,

but only by him driving it for a few days did he decide to check into the noise and replace axles and bearings.
Sooner or later , I'll get him to do adjustments on the bay's engine, valves and find the exhaust leak,,, someday~

For Now he has some argon, and has been tinkering on a few good days~ I think I posted a few pics in the bike thread out front~

bug fenders get a bug tail light~

appears a lil tweaked, but that's just the way I'm leaning over the engine and tranny clutter trying to get a centered pic~ it'll get cleaned up when next stage starts.

all for now~
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My attraction to volksrods is that these are bottom-feeders where things are still real ... people scraping together parts, doing their own work and often on a tight budget. Real hot rodding is still alive here.
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