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Default Re: '37 Volkster Coupe

Thanks for the input. I'll tap them down and if I find more (hopefully not) I might just dust the spots real quick and go from there.

Now about sealer? I have multiple sheet metal panels and parts that will all get painted and I know it might be unecessary to waste a quart of sealer on this, but would it be ok to shoot these parts in sealer while I get the rest of the body ready for sealer prior to color? Could I just then lightly scufff the sealer before spraying the final coat of sealer and go to color afterwards?

Thanks for the comments. It''s really starting to take shape. Getting a little too anxious for color. My wife picked the color the Ford GT Metallic midnight blue. I think the paint code is LA? I sure hope I don't screw up on the bodywork!
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