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Default Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

Originally Posted by JiI View Post
Had a student who was out there...very smart but dangerous in how he could think. Very hippie; dreadlocks, hemp clothes, love beads etc. Said that pot is an herb given to us by mother earth for our mental nourishment and freedom of space... blah blah blah and some other nonsense. I told him Poison Ivy was a gift then too, so why didn't he try smoking that?
Now I have no problem knowing it does have medicinal properties and it has helped many people with glaucoma, siezure/ epilepsy and several physical ailments, but the high is the side effect. Basically it allows you to not care and be okay with that. If it's prescribed, not much of a problem with that. But if you just want to get bonged in you mom's basement...
The crowd I found myself hanging out with.. well Crowd I use losely because we were the glad outcasts of the outcasts. There were three groups in total I was the outside person who a friend in all of them. One of them was a girl who had friends who WERE the ones who had their fingers on the drug supply going in and out of that school for the high. Anything abnormal or "getting caught" wasn't them. I never saw the appeal of drugs But still seeing the impact of her being baked and knowing how to hide it... Its a bit startling. Fuck she pulled out her "vapour" in class, and showed me what she just got from one of her friends whose freaking Father got it from down south. THATS where things get interesting when the Drug dealer's kids are taking care of the family business. I shit you not, I'm an author, but I couldn't even THINK of most of the crap I've seen or heard.

As I stated before I'm not a kid who does that crap, and they knew that and respected me. They were good friends to have because they were loyal, but as I stated. I didn't smoke, I didn't do drugs. Crap the worse I've ever done is smoke a cigar with my girlfriend once every 3 months, and drink wine. Granted this is coming from the crazed bastard who went to school wearing a top hat and suit every day with sunglasses on...

Still as much as people want weed to be legalized.. I do not share that opinion. I would prefer it if that shit wasn't a part of life, but you just can't stop people If they do legalize it I hope they tax the living fuck out of it like they do with cigarettes. At least then they get some money from it. Maybe repair the damage or at least some of the OH CRAP health issues they find once they legalize it.

I'll just say it

"Drugs are bad M'kay."
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