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Default Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

Originally Posted by JiI View Post
Old joke: Old guy says he's been married 54 years, "Best 12 years of my life."

Been with my wife 16, married a touch over 10. She is blind and mental like John's, Kim's and yours Ron.
WOW, WTF, I didn't realize that my wife was blind, well dadgum, that explains everything
Actually I'm the one who WAS blind in both eyes at different times, the first time was in October of 2000, the 2nd time was in August of 2004, for some unknown reason diabetics have unnatural blood vessel growth inside the eyes, it can lead to a hemorrhage of a blood vessel & the blood clouds up the vitreous gel in the eye, next thing you know you can't see a thing
To restore vision they do what's called "Vitrectomy Surgery", they suck out the vitreous gel from the inside of your eye & replace it with a similar type gel (synthetic vitreous gel), after a week or two it does restore your vision

I can see clearly now that I have a new pair of glasses, my last pair broke in 2010 shortly after I had renewed my drivers license, I haven't worn glasses now for almost 4 years, I'm only supposed to wear them when driving, my right eye is much worse than my left eye, that's what's been causing my eyes to get tired so often, guess I'll find out soon enough

BTW, below is a pic of my SweetHeart
We have been together 31 years as of this coming April
I tried to do the attachment thing with this pic, I hope I did it right, every time I try to use photobuckets it makes my computer slow down & freezes up, then it sends a crash report to FireFox which then Emails you with ways to fix the problem, I have tried almost everything, now that I'm working again I'll be able to send some money so I can become a premium member of this site, I just hope my body can handle it


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