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Default Volksrod heaters??

Hi Everybody...

I am really close to getting a 1975/77 VW Beetle, it was a baja but got wrecked and then was rebuilt with a 1977 body on it. It has some funky pipes hangin out the back and no places to hook up the original heater...I really wanna make this project something I can drive for like 3 seasons so having use of some sort of heat would be awesome. It also doesnt have much as far as engine tin work around the motor. So would it be easy to just restore the original tin work and hook stuff back like it was originally was??....

Also what types of exhaust systems allow some the use of a stock type heaters??

It also doesnt have the rubber seal around the motor either...I have been told you need to get that seal back in place if I am going to run a full truck lid...which it currently has a whole body on it...

Any insight would be great.

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