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Default Re: Volksrod heaters??

Without the rubber seal, your engine will be running much hotter - I melted the condenser on my bug by not installing those, 20 minutes on the highway was enough to require a tow truck, but the repair itself was cheap.

If you currently have J tubes, you can replace them with heater boxes easily enough. I have a 12v space heater for my bus, but it's pretty much useless compared to actual VW heat (and yes, I am quite familiar with how little heat the average VW has!) and is mostly for while I'm parked.

You can also get a little 12v hair-dryer looking thing that's enough to keep the window defrosted in front of the driver. Heated seats are great. And an Eberspacher gas heater will give you the kind of heat you'd expect out of a modern car, but they aren't cheap.
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