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Default Re: Volksrod heaters??

Originally Posted by Timbo View Post
Like Stray Catalyst said, you need all the seals and engine tins to keep the engine from pulling hot air in and running hot.

I run stock heaterboxes on mine with a sedan style header. There are also orange seals that go on the hose that connects the boxes to the body. My heat works great. A good hood seal will keep the cold air from coming through the dash.
Hey Timbo

I gotta couple of questions of course...what does a "sedan style header" look like???
Some of those high performance one's that I see kinda look silly to me....some of them look like a rats tail to me..

I did find a "cabin heater" on line that looks kinda cool too...
here is the link to it

what do you guys think??

Any insight would be great...

I once was blind but now I can see....

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