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Default Re: Volksrod heaters??

Originally Posted by Bugula View Post
Ebay 12v ceramic heater:

Looks better than those old school JC Whitney ones that haven't change since the 80's.
A friend gave me one like that, it was a ceramic heater, brand new, the box still had the plastic wrap around it, it put out a tiny bit of warm air & the blower didn't even move a hair on my head when held a few inches away (& I have some long hair), the little bit of heat it did put out wasn't nearly enough to keep you warm, unless of coarse you were able to put it under your coat & still drive

I just wear layers & a thick Down coat (antifreeze for AC VW's) as well nice thick gloves (cheap welding gloves) it also helps that I have heated seats, but, they only make your ass sweat, then, when you get out, you freeze your ass off

One day I hope to be able to buy a good working gas heater, everyone I have ever talked to who had one, said it made them TOO hot most of the time, my uncle had one in an old Bug he had back in the late 50's early 60's, he said his car heated better than anything else at the time
They're pricey, but worth every penny IF you plan to drive it daily in the winter

I just think warm thoughts when driving, I need to pack the front of it with plastic like I have done for many years, cept this time I may add velcro to the edges so it can't pull away, a new hood seal wouldn't help me

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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