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Default Re: Volksrod heaters??

Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
For those chilly winter drives in my water cooled Single Cab, I run a heater from a '69 Mini Cooper. It fits nicely into the little storage area beneath the seats, has three fan speeds, and keeps the cab toasty and windshield frost free.
I so need to get to work on my other Bug, just a bit of to go
thank ya for the Mini cooper heater idea, I have the heater parts from a few S10 Blazers & a Mustang, I just have no idea where to put them cause they are so large

I also found an old Kit Car magazine from 1982 or 83, it has an article from Scat, they designed a water cooled VW engine, you can buy just the cylinders & or heads, machine an AC VW case, or go all out & get the water cooled case, not sure if they still sell or make them, but my thought was to make my own water cooled cylinders banks & see if it creates enough heat to take the chill off, or at least defrost the windshield I guess it could be worth a try in the future

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