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Originally Posted by metalmaster1766 View Post
I so need to get to work on my other Bug, just a bit of to go
thank ya for the Mini cooper heater idea, I have the heater parts from a few S10 Blazers & a Mustang, I just have no idea where to put them cause they are so large

I also found an old Kit Car magazine from 1982 or 83, it has an article from Scat, they designed a water cooled VW engine, you can buy just the cylinders & or heads, machine an AC VW case, or go all out & get the water cooled case, not sure if they still sell or make them, but my thought was to make my own water cooled cylinders banks & see if it creates enough heat to take the chill off, or at least defrost the windshield I guess it could be worth a try in the future

Would be intriguing.. or maybe even make a water based heater box. So the heat from the exhaust is transfered into the coolant medium. An electric fuel pump can circulate the heat. Not sure how the heater system works on watercooled cars but I'm thinking parts taken from one could be adapted.
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So JiI is an older DrHax? are sooo fucked!
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