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Default Rusto paint part 2 - The Evil Weevil !!!

So, a few years ago, I did a write-up of my Rust-Oleum paint job. Here's the link:

I figured a few years have passed, and it's probably time I did a follow-up.
If I were to do this job again, the one thing I would have done differently is to use the hardener right from the get-go. The initial coat outlined in the original thread took approximately 2 MONTHS to fully cure. The second coat with the hardener took 2 days.
The original plan was to go full-bore 70s gasser, and I think I accomplished that with the flames, lettering, and vintage decals:

I have a new set of Race-Trim slot mags on their way, and the windows are now tinted yellow. As soon as I get the new rims on, I'll post more pics.
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