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Default Re: Rusto paint part 2 - The Evil Weevil !!!

Hey Don-Vee

I have been painting my roundy round cars and some Willys Jeep stuff too since about 2002...Rustoleum has always been at my is super easy to use...cost comparison to the "real" automotive paint is really good too...

My dad back in the 1960's 70's and so on used it for all of his projects too except doing finish work on the outside of his cars...I was one that read the outside of the can and decided it was ok to use on the outside of the car...I never told anybody and nobody really asked either...

What I loved the most about it (other than the cost) is I had an old rusty Willys Jeep frame and I coated it with WD/40 (to preserve it) and then when it came time to cover it with my favorite color...the rustoleum layed right onto the WD/40 covered fish eyes or nothing...I was hooked..

I am glad the truth is out now.

I once was blind but now I can see....
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