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Default Re: Volksfest 2012

The Volkfest will be a blast again this year. I'm sure you'll see a group of us in the vendor area. Yea we will be carefull with our "water". It doesn't matter what food you get on the grounds. Thats Deli across the road is going to be hard to beat.

I'm sure Brendan will be happy to hear about the porta johns. He's the one who pissed all over the back of his van cause "someone" was rocking it as he was trying to piss a bottle... LOL....

No sure about the campbelltown show. I really would like to go but also would like to get more housework done too. Who's putting on the C-town show? Whats the times for it too?

What the TurnPike doing some work are they? If they would get a good traffic engineer to plan better traffic patterns, we wouldn't have to wait in construction that much...
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