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Default Re: I build things...only smaller....

Originally Posted by metalmaster1766 View Post
I was thinking the same thing when I first looked at the exhaust, I had to look to the top to see who's build thread this was

Simply amazing work

I built models when I was young, I wish I still had a few them now. The one thing I noticed, but then again you may not be finished yet, is to sand the outside surface of the tires so they have a scuffed look where they contact the surface, I learned it in a model book I looked at from the library when I was about 10 - 12 years old

like on this tire, before putting it together drag it across some sand paper to scuff the tread of the tire, makes them look neat

I hope to see more of your work

Heck I'd like to make myself a scale version of how I want both my Bug's to look some day

Hey thanks for the great words-really appreciate it! I totally agree with the tire comment. Since this is a full function RC, I will bet the first time I run this thing on asphalt those tires will look pretty worn!
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