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Default Re: I build things...only smaller....

Originally Posted by metalmaster1766 View Post
First of all
Well deserved


Guess I should have read it a bit more carefully cause I missed the part about it being R/C , even better
At first glance it looks as if you can get in and drive it away

A friend of mine got my son in to R/C cars, it was around the time I had just built my Rail Buggy (on the cheap) anyhow my friend had more $$ in his R/C car than I did my Buggy, kinda made him a bit jealous of me cause I could get in and drive mine
Now I may hafta get my son to dig out his R/C stuff and build me a miniature V-Rod to match mine

Keep up the good work

Having your son build a mini version of your V-Rod would be awesome. You could go to shows and park the mini-me rod on top of the real one! Appreciate your feedback-thanks!
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