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Default Re: I build things...only smaller....

Originally Posted by GlowstickNinja View Post
Wow! I think I have new inspiration for my chop top! Anyone in Salt Lake/Utah up for the challenge to reproduce this chop on my 67? Hahaha. Buisnessman coupe rat rod.....
Yeah-that was one of those that is still sitting, unfinished.

Originally Posted by RatRansom68 View Post
some great work, very worthy of CBOTM!! are those body's plastic? and if so, what kind of bonding are you using when you chop them? im trying to find a nice plastic welder for some of my projects, thanks
Thanks! Yes-most of the bodies are styrene or ABS plastic. I use any number of methods:
If the parts I am bonding are the same plastic:
-There's a plastic solvent that bonds plastics together. Most hobby stores carry it.
-Depending upon the joint and material thickness, a heated blade pressed and worked across the joint will actually "weld" the plastic together. I use this method whenever I can.
If the plastic parts are of a different material:
-I usually use hobby grade "crazy glues". Welding techniques with solvent or heat will not work well on dis-similar plastics.
-Sometimes I laminate a strip of material over a joint from the inside and use "Shoe Goo" w/clamps to bond things together.
The only exception are parts made of polypropylene, the plastic usually used for plastic lawn chairs, pill bottles, spray can tops, paint buckets etc. It is designed to resist paint or adhesives and is a pain to deal with. I would avoid using this material.
Please let me know if you want more info-
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