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Default Re: Effigy's history

Going Stir crazy.. got a hand written note from AC.Net at the beginning of December, was a receipt for my order.. I'm guessing that means that A-1 started manufacturing my exhaust about 3 and a half weeks ago.. IIRC, it takes 8-9 weeks to build, so HOPEFULLY I get my exhaust (full system, j-pipes, header, merger, and "muffler") sometime in the next month or so..

I haven't touched anything on it because of the inevitable snowball.. I got a good sized list of things I want to do the next time I work on it, and I don't want to do twice as much work, so I'm basically twiddling my thumbs until the exhaust arrives..

Here's my plan:

1) remove old exhaust
2) drain what's left of the oil
3) remove rocker arms
4) remove pushrods/tubes one at a time to replace with JayCee Springloaded one
5) replace rocker arms and set valve lash
6) change oil filter
7) pull carbs and rebuild/deep clean
8) put carbs back
9) install new exhaust
10) profit! :D

Somewhere intermingled in there is going to be " cry" "scream" "throw shit" and "drink and call it a night and try again later"

By that time, all the xmas decorations should be back in their bins, and the bins stacked nicely on the side of the garage instead of in a pile where my damn car should be..

so once I have a place to park it indoors, I'm gonna tackle replacing the window scrapers for both front windows, and then my hope is to design door/quarter panels.

I made my own panels for my '73 super back in 2000, but I went completely stock except I deleted the map pockets and quarter panel ash trays.. this time I want to mess with some kind of design, maybe more than one color or something..

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