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hmm, haven't added much here,,, so guess I will now.
Robert's been slowly finishing up on the fenders for the baha. he's gonna try to get this car out during his vacation in a few weeks. I'll post the fenders later, definatly different.
The owner also has decided not to do the type 4 engine,so now we're gonna rebuild the 1600 that was in it and change the autostick to a manual.
The lil girl is starting to get picky about things. First she liked the design now she hates the white on the outside, but wants white interior ,,, a redclay rd, yeah, that'll work,,,,,,,daddy says he's getting black .

Since the owner bought our 68 xl, he's been using it for deliverying parts, lil girl keeps grumbling, he'll be using this car instead!

The dunebuggie owner is starting to pick his parts out, already bought the sandrail frame out back. He's decideing what engine he wants. I made him whiteouts of the buggie and he's been playing with colors,,, i'll mention the scallops to him.
We still have no clue as to it's brand name,even the guys at the buggieforums don't know,, oh well, doesn't matter, we'll come up with something, he's gonna drive it around with his grand baby in the back, hmm, maybe baby's buggie?
oh well, back to reading.............................
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My attraction to volksrods is that these are bottom-feeders where things are still real ... people scraping together parts, doing their own work and often on a tight budget. Real hot rodding is still alive here.
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