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fenders are painted and as of last night , they are attached. a lil bedliner in the fenders tonight maybe.
I have to do a damp only bath on it, lots of dust .Glass isn't in yet and I don't want to get the dash soaked.
Owner is ordering the correct rims for it, the place he bought them from will help him out by taking the wrong ones back except for restocking, that's better than getting totally stuck with rims you'll never use. Hopefully he'll get some fatter tires for it too.
When it gets out in the yard again, I want to photoshop it with some bigger wheels.
it just looks funky with them skinny tires..............
next step...............
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Originally Posted by fishguts
My attraction to volksrods is that these are bottom-feeders where things are still real ... people scraping together parts, doing their own work and often on a tight budget. Real hot rodding is still alive here.
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