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<span style="color:#993399">well 3 weeks off for a terrible flu bug. He's done alot of lil things I didn't bother to post, kinda normal stuff. So , he rebuilt the engine just before the really cold shit came in 2 weeks ago. As the weather has warmed abit, he got it finished, trimmed the alt for the carb linkage , replaced the clamp fittings on the exhaust to a pr of bolt together flanges. Last night he test ran it on the ground first, only minor carb adjusting after it got warm. </span>

<span style="color:#993399">tonight he has it installed and it starts and dies by the key... still has to do them blasted fast blinkie lights!!!! and then the headlights. But he sauys here in the next few minutes, he's gonna put a block in the seat area and drive it out of the garage, I would pic it, but it's dark and what can you say about a guy sitting in a car? here's the pics.</span>

<span style="color:#993399">bytheway~ he says he's thinking about selling the autostick that came out of this, it was running fine when it drove in the garage last year, he was going to keep it,,, when it goes up forsale it will show up in the correct forum and there will be pics. And this is the only place it'll be posted,,, [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif[/img] </span>
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My attraction to volksrods is that these are bottom-feeders where things are still real ... people scraping together parts, doing their own work and often on a tight budget. Real hot rodding is still alive here.
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