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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

Still spending time in the garage working out some of the little pesky details on the bodywork. Looking back, I seemed optimistic months ago thinking I would have it in paint by now. Well, it's been months of sanding, filling, priming and I'm happy to say sealer is really next. Good thing because my little crap-o-matic wire feed welder has officially given up the ghost. No more fab work on this one.

The sheen I believe is due to that I just sprayed this last and final coat of primer. Happy to report the front fenders, below the headlight openings are FINALLY in order.

Not the ideal temp in the garage for painting so I suspect it will be a little before final sanding. However I have already managed to find three really small areas needing a touch of body icing and a squirt of primer. oh joy...

Expect the next update to be in color. Stay tuned..
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