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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

Thought I would update my build thread with recent photos.

Hood mounted with the struts adjusted. I'll be taking everything apart again to finish brakes, air lines, and electrical... all after detail painting the beam and frame head area. The inner luggage panel walls are painted as well. They are the last panels to go in.

Threw the speed in the hole to see how it looks. I like it. (Have a new steering wheel to install, yeah)


Rear 3/4: Notice the 56 Chevy LED Bullet tail light mounted and license plate lights installed and ready for finish wiring.

The driver side headlight is not installed in the following photo. The housing I made for the H4 bulbs had a tack welded nut fall off. Re-welded and good to go. In the reflection of this photo it looks as if someone is standing next to me...nope...just me. Weird huh?

The front fenders are bolted to the internal frame via 4 mounting locations along the inner fender well arch.
There is another series of bolts that tie the grill to each fender (not bolted yet).
Then along the back edge at the running board, there are another 3 or 4 bolts.
Right at the rear of the wheel opening, a fender supporting rod/strut reaches in to the inner fender well frame to keep that outer most area of the fender from flexing.
At the front lower edge of the inside fender well, there is still one last mount to be drilled and that's why you see a C-clamp near the front wheel. This keeps the lower front edge from flexing.
All of these mounting points to the frame have to work together to align the nose of the grill, the front hood and the front hood side panels. (I SURE HOPE I GOT ALL THIS RIGHT!!)

Yesterday I stopped by VR member - Mundo's to fix the tack weld in the headlight bucket. While hangin' out, he spotted me some wiring parts, a horn and some tubing shrink wrap stuff.
He had some thin door panel material hanging in the rafters so I'm going to make good use of it and start the interior panels and design. I'll need to re-install the vert top frame and canvass one last test to make sure the interior panels will not interfere when the tops down. So far, the interior will either be grey with black accents or tan. the seats will dictate once I have secured some seats.

I had the doghouse on the motor and the rear breast plate tin color matched. No photos of the motor yet.

Stay tuned....a lot more finish stuff to wrap up.
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