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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

Other than running, she now stops.

Electrical is all about done aside from a few little things.

Installed a 3rd brake light behind the decklid louvers:

Also picked up the interior. All Tan leather.

Finished mounting the seat belts and retractors.

Behind the seats I built a plywood deck with two hinged access doors.

Got the air ride gauge and switches located to the glove box, all the dash lights and what not installed.

The exhaust (dual quiet pack) all tucked up under the rear apron. Don't have to worry about dragging the mufflers off.

The decklid is on for the last time. I have a pneumatic strut to keep the decklid up when opened...but it seems it is now 3-4" too long. Huh? Anyway, need to find a shorter strut

Just about to final install all of the front sheet metal for the last time. Will probably complete the interior before that, but we'll see.

I should have some great progress with the interior over this next week. Having the seat belts figured out, the paneling and interior wrapping should go quickly.

The NEW, NEW windshield goes to the cutter on Monday.

Getting closer...
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