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i wanted to post this in the score thread but since there is a thread for this here i go..

i found this at the Antwerp classic salon and took it home.
since i have never seen it before i did some research about it.
there seem to be 3 types (or more)
the completly "flat" one , like mine, is an American hood ornament.
the one with the 3d rocket on top is the Australian one
and then there is one with wings, the brazilian one.

i took mine home for 200 euros (askin' price was 350, but he tought it was a australian one, so after some quick research i baffelt him with bullshit, since it was an american one and they where not rare)

afterworts i got it confirmed that it was a genuine old one by a pretty jealous vw-icon

so here's a looksie at the eye catcher for my rod..

trying to build a belgian VROD;
driving the YelLowBug;

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