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Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
A flat rate box...This being the VolksRods site, (um, Jeff told me this) I thought that delivery would involve a couple of busty, bikini clad girls with tattoos here and there carrying a large 'YOU SUCK' banner, loud music, and beer.
That was if you bought it cast in gold and...

Rule 1: Bikini clad tattoo girls are never flat.... well it would be a shame to put a bikini on a decorated washboard.

Rule 2: The beer is a requirement for a garage and you should have them on hand(and in hand) at all times. Unless this conflicts with Rule 1: adjustments, hand sizeing, or removal.

Rule 3: Loud music is optional but YOU SUCK banners are also required, unless these conflict with Rule 1 or 2.
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