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Default Re: Getting back to the track...

Man, this stuff is humbling. I have been dealing with a dead cylinder. Weeks of frustration... I checked for intake leaks when this appeared with carb cleaner and couldn't find any sign at the dead whole. So today, I rebuilt a different carb that I had, put it in place, tighten everything down and fired off the engine, only to have the exact same problem. Augh!!!

So I decided to use a propane torch to see if I had missed something, and as soon as it got near cylinder number 2, at the base of the intake manifold, the cylinder came to life. After 3 carb rebuilds on the 1st carb, rebuilding an entirely different carb and putting it in, it comes down to what I and others had thought it was in the 1st place. A freaking intake air leak.
I am not sure why the carb cleaner didn't find it, but I am using propane for now on!
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