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Originally Posted by 31hillard
i spoke to some of my rodder friends at the weekend and some rod builders and the problem they see with the volksrods with i beams is the hairpins are to straight and thats why the steering is light they said the best way to do it is bring the hairpin mounts into the car some more so there at more of an angle which would give you better steering.
dale, i know your a big young/inexperienced, but as ive told you in the past, you have to stop thinking other peoples opinions are fact. you need to realise steering has NOTHING to do with suspension, especially in this application.
hairpin angles wouldnt , and do not, matter a shit to anything for the difference in angle youre talking about here, and they certainly wouldnt effect steering.

the only real factors that effects how 'light' your steering is when retrofitting a I-beam front end is castor angle(easily changed), and the leverage ratio between the steering wheel and the road wheels.
you will typically have 3 ratios here-

steering box ratio- the worm and roller ratio of your steering box- also add in the size of your steering wheel here, if you change the size youve changed the overall ratio.

draglink ratio is the lever arm on each end of the draglink the same? if not, youve changed the steering ratio again (hence people finding different results when using a shorter type 3 pittman arm)

spindle steering arm ratio.- the length of the steering arm on the spindle against the length between
the kingpin pivot and the wheel centreline(fit wheels of a different offset and youve changed this)

combine the 3 to get your overall steering ratio.

the reson people get funny 'light' steering is the ratios of the stock bug steering box is incompatable with the spindle ratio of a traditional ford front end. you have 3 choices-

change the spindle ratio- apart from different offset wheels, the only option here is fab up different steering arm- not the best option.

change the steering box ratio- swop the steering box out for something more tried and tested with the ford front end. not that hard to do and probably the best option.

change the draglink ratio- fab a new, shorter pittman arm- not terribly hard to do......

steering geometry isnt that hard to understand, i wish people woukld stop trying to make it so.
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