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Default Re: SoCalook, Speedway & crossmembers...

Originally Posted by Unkl Ian

We need a "Sounds like Total Bullshit to me" Smilie.
Funny you should mention that, Unkl, 'cause I was just discussing the issue with my father on the phone..he and I were thinkin' the same thing.

31Hillard - I'm not picking on your suggestion but there are a couple of reasons that I think the theory doesn't hold. The main reason is that the big thing to look at is the arc of motion that the radius rods allow the axle to travel within. Bumpsteer issues can be directly attributed to the axle and steering assemblies traveling in different arcs. Bumpsteer, however, is different from twitchy or quick steering.

A more likely culprit may be the caster angle. On a solid axle suspension, the recommended caster setting is 5 to 7 degrees. Positive caster keeps the wheels from wandering. An extreme example would be the setups seen on the old front engine dragsters. Obviously in this situation, a wandering car would be deadly!

A couple of other things to examine would be the steering box ratio, drag link ratio, pitman arm length and steering arm design. Erminger mentioned that he swapped in a type 3 pitman arm which helped his steering issues somewhat.

I'm no suspension guru, that's for sure, but I have done alot of reading on the subject and I've been fortunate enough to be friends with some very knowledgeable street rodders over the years. I guess I'm more of a sponge than a guru!
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